World of O Maps: API

A simple API for World of O Maps, which will let developers of other orienteering map sites use the database in World of O Maps, is under development. Further development of the API will be done based on request from users - for now there is only a simple function which returns a XML file with maps based on an input query.

Example Query &year=&minlat=&maxlat=&apikey=testapi&minlng=&maxlng=&sortby=name&pagenum=1

Input to the query are as produced by the search maps form. More documentation will be given here later on. There is also possibility to get search results as a Geo RSS file. Please send en email to if you have any questions.

You need an API-key which you receive by sending an email to For testing purposes, please use the API-key "testapi". There are certain restrictions in use of this API which will be given when applying for an API key.