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Use the form below to add maps or change map information in World of O Maps.
  • Note that no maps are public available before checked by webmaster. This can take from a few hours up to 14 days (usually within 24 hours).
  • New maps may not be added for countries which already have a full o-map database, and have their own system for their database. However, it is possible to do changes and add extra information. These countries include Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain and Estonia.
  • Remember that you are responsible for copyright for all material which is uploaded and/or linked to in the map register.

Note! Due to a problem with Google Maps it is currently not possible to add outlines for maps

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Zoom and pan the map to the geographical position of the map - or jump to selected country or place. Click the map, and you will get up a marker pin at the clicked position. If you are not satisfied with the positioning, this marker can then be dragged to the exact position of the map. If you do not want any geographic position for this map, click the marker, and no position will be given.
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