Orienteering Map Dönschten

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Map nameDönschten
Owner/ClubPost SV Dresden
Contours (meters)5m
Area (sqkm.)1 km2
Nearest place or citySchmiedeberg
Email address for ordering
Owner webpage (url)Link
Accessability (free access or need permission?)need permission
Map typeSprint map
Map makers (fieldwork, drawing, etc.)Andreas Lückmann
Price per map (euro)1 €
Contact details for ordering/questionsAndreas Lückmann Dorfhainer Str. 11 D-01737 Kurort Hartha +49 35203 32610
Terrain descriptionMittelgebirge, 470 - 630 m ü. NN, Wald und Wiesen, steil, gut belaufbar
Comments about the mapISSOM OCAD-File
SourceGerman map register
(Source ID: GER-SX200304)
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